Good day! My name is Mark Johnson – Currently a Senior Brand Designer for Anton Kimball Design here in Portland Oregon where we work directly with clients such as Costco, Nordstrom, Nike, Adidas, Disney, EA Sports, Hasbro and many others.
I provide creative leadership and solutions by rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty, utilizing the best tools in the industry.
Prior to taking on my role at Anton Kimball Design in 2014, I was the Lead Designer for Grenade Gloves, owned by Danny Kass who has earned 5 U.S. Open Championships, 7 Winter X Games medals and 2 Olympic silver medals.
I also worked as the Lead Designer for Kroger’s Fred Meyer home goods and private label apparel lines. Fred Meyer is Northwest superstore chain with over 130 different locations through out Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.
When I’m not pushing shapes and lettering, I enjoy being outdoors, golfing, hiking, or just relaxing.

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