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“I first met Mark in 2006 when he was designing for Phoenix Gold. I have called on his talents many times since then and when I decided to start my own company I once again called upon his services. I had a product but needed a way to give it an identity. Mark did that for us. He created our Logo, Sales Material, Brand Guideline with color and font usage directives and even build our E-Commerce online store and product site. We were very satisfied with our results and his work. “
Steve Stambaugh,
Infrared Resources
“Mark has a astute understanding of the rebellious youth market. He gets the most of the time small but essential details that make or brake a design or collection. He is a very pleasant guy to work with and is always willing to help and explain why some things matter, and others do not.
If I was to work in this youth market, I would definitely ask him if he was willing to work with me again”
Martin Berendsen,
Director of Marketing
Grenade Gloves
Grenade Gloves Snowboarding Apparel
“Mark is an absolute whiz with all Adobe programs. Only minimum instruction is needed to have Mark put together visually stunning graphics. Without him my job would be much harder.
Michael Clack,
Marketing Lead.
Grenade Gloves
Grenade Gloves Snowboarding Apparel
“When the time came for us to grow as a company, we were faced with the challenge of needing a company identity, a logo that would visually show our customers who we were and what we did. We hired Mark based on his strong background as a designer and his knowledge of what we needed. With a quick turn over time he presented us with three great options. Thank you Mr. Johnson”
David Carns,
Buyer/IT at Duych Machine Inc.
Duyck Machine Inc.
“Mark is very professional in his duties while bringing welcomed humor to those around him.
He is very driven to complete tasks timely. A very talented artist and conceptualist.
Excellent team/group participant.”
Glenn Phillips,
Loudspeaker/Acoustics Engineering Manager at Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Home & Mobile Audio
“Mark has a good eye for design trends and styles. He takes that view and transforms it into amazing art and designs. Working with Mark was always fun- every project blossomed into something new and exciting. Deciding what to reject was the hard part.”
Phil Eichmiller,
Industrial Designer at Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Home & Mobile Audio
“Mark has a very active imagination. Unlike most people he can put it in writing or to print. His artistic ability is exceptionally versatile.”
Errin Keeling,
Technical Products Trainer at Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Home & Mobile Audio
“Mark was a great help to me at Phoenix Gold. I could always count on him to go the extra mile to
make sure I had all the support I needed to get information to our customers on promotions and
competitive product information.”
David Prall,
Eastern Zone Manager at Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Home & Mobile Audio
“We hired Mark to create business cards for our company, R&C Yeo Construction Inc. He presented us with multiple options to choose from. His execution was exact and precise to what we needed. We later hired his services again. This time to create a full company identity for our, R&C Management Group, LLC. He created the letterhead, business cards and logo that are used
throughout our entire company. Working with Mark was a pleasure. He is very professional, and reliable.”
Carla and Richard Yeo,
Principle at R&C Management Group, LLC
R&C Management Group, LLC
“I had the pleasure to work with Mark in 2006 when I hired him on as our Lead Designer for Phoenix Gold. I have since used his creative abilities on many other projects and have referred him to new clients. Mark is my go to guy when I or someone I know needs any type of design work done. He has truly become an asset for me and many others and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him on future projects.”
Tim Leahy,
Marketing Director at Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Home & Mobile Audio